Three types of change management methods

I was putting together examples of change management methods for a potential client and realized that there are really three types that have different applications:

The first type is the large scale change process.  For example, Lewin’s Unfreeze > Change > Refreeze concept, or John Kotter’s eight-stage method in his book Leading Change.  The large scale change process tells the global organizational steps to take, such as building a sense of urgency, developing a vision, or creating small wins to gain momentum.  They provide guidance and set expectations for how change unfolds effectively in an organization.

The second type is the analysis tool, which helps you decide what needs changing.  Force-field analysis, in which you examine the forces pushing for and against change, is one example.  Gap analysis is another. Surveys and assessments help identify the areas you need to focus on. In general, these tools help you identify or diagnose the barriers you need to overcome, or the strengths on which you should build.

The third type of change management method helps you overcome the barriers to change.  They are situation specific or topical.  For example, using the principles in Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team might help fix an ineffective leadership team.  These methods are more prescriptive in nature and help you determine how to make specific improvements.  Once you have identified the problem, use these tools to create the small (and not so small) wins.

My Irresistible Change Guide combines all three methods in one practical toolkit.  Within a unique large-scale change process, the toolkit includes analysis tools and provides step-by-step methods for overcoming the most common barriers to change.

What tools are you using to manage change?

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    This website was/is very useful in my implementation of change within churches. I am a senior consultant for Church Operation Managemet (COM) Consulting, helping maximizie church ministries by transformaing church business.

    Please continue to provide useful change management tools.


    Ray Ballard
    COM Consulting, LLC

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