Prerequisites – What You Need to Become a Change Agent

survey_imageEvery now and then someone asks a question like, “My background is (X). Do I have what it takes to implement change in my organization?”

I’m tempted to make a list of the “X”s I’ve heard. But I won’t. For one, the list is really long. And second, no matter how many roles I list, someone will still be left out.

It doesn’t matter anyway. My answer is always, “Yes.”

Because there are only 2 prerequisites to becoming a change agent:

  1. You see a problem or something that could be better in your organization.
  2. You decide to do something about it.

That’s all. You don’t need a title. You don’t need permission. You don’t need experience.

You become a change agent when you realize something needs to be changed and you decide that you will be the one who changes it.


Here are some resources to help you figure out what to do next:

YOU can make a difference. One. Two. Three. Go!

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