Is This You?

Does your role include changing the way other people work?

Perhaps change is in your job description, or even in your job title.  Or it’s only inferred.  You’re in strategy management, organization effectiveness, information technology, process improvement, project management… the list goes on.

Or maybe you’ve never considered it your job to implement change, but you see what’s happening and feel compelled to do something about it and make things better – for you, your colleagues, and your company.

Either way, you want to influence others to embrace different activities and behaviors, and adopt new attitudes.

The Dilemma

The position of internal change agent – wherever it falls in the organization – can be a tricky one.

You are responsible for influencing the organization, usually without the direct authority to do so.

Leaders are quick to delegate ownership to you, even though they are the ones who really need to own the project. Although it’s much easier to maintain control if you handle things yourself, if the organization sees you as the project champion instead of the leaders, they will not take it seriously.

On the other hand, try to guide (manipulate?) leaders too much into doing what you want and they will resist the idea of being a puppet.  Yet, you are in a position that requires you to give leaders feedback that they themselves will need to change, which is rarely what they signed up for when committing to the initiative.

All the while, you are changing the organization at the same time that you are working within it.  You are subject to the same culture and processes that help you succeed in the workplace – even though you want to change them now.

Not to mention you need to keep track of and implement all the moving parts and levers that you are using to cause the organization to move forward one inch at a time.

And yet, despite (perhaps even because of) the daunting task ahead of you, you have hope for the future and want to help the organization get there.  Not just because someone has to do it – but because you want to make sure it gets done.

Sound familiar?

If you’re curious, here’s a bit more about how we might work together.

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